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{What We Do}

We help women become unflappable company leaders through business, marketing, team and leadership coaching. It’s our mission to help you build your legacy as a Founder & CEO so you can enjoy unapologetic success.

{Why We Do It}

Many are the Entrepreneur, while few are the CEO. We are committed to helping women build businesses that last, legacies that precede them, and unapologetic success.


 Many of the women we work with are first-generation business owners, the highest earners in their families, and the least understood. 


You have the opportunity to retire your family, heal your fear of success, create meaningful careers, grow your wealth, and so much more. But, who is helping you elevate and embody each new level?


Building a business is fun. Managing & Growing a business requires a different skillset. Roldan & Co. will help you develop your team, systems, and self for your company’s legacy.

Our Work is Pivotal

The World Needs More Female-Founded, Thriving Companies

Statistics show that “the most common reasons small businesses fail include a lack of capital or funding, retaining an inadequate management team, a faulty infrastructure or business model, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives.” 


“Another common reason small businesses fail is a lack of business acumen on the part of the management team or business owner. In some instances, a business owner is the only senior-level person within a company, especially when a business is in its first year or two of operation.

While the owner may have the skills necessary to create and sell a viable product or service, they often lack the attributes of a strong manager and don't have the time to successfully oversee other employees. Without a dedicated management team, a business owner has greater potential to mismanage certain aspects of the business, whether it be finances, hiring, or marketing.”

(Small Business Administration)

You can shift the standard by becoming a better CEO.

How We Help Female Entrepreneurs

Automate & Grow

a 6-month automate-as-you-go  accelerator that helps emerging entrepreneurs automate their most time-consuming, “classically” money-draining system (marketing & sales) so they can grow their lead pool, impact, and income. 

Anchor & Scale

a 12-month mastermind that helps established entrepreneurs become better CEOs by developing their team, systems, and self. This is a business & mindset coaching experience that will help you define and anchor your legacy.

1:1 Coaching

a monthly container with 5 hours of 1:1 coaching each month, access to our done-for-you systems design team, and all of our coaching programs. 


The CEO Day Podcast is a place for CEOs to develop their team, systems, and self.

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